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Arenaceous Flowersouls EP

by Diamond Incarnation

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It took a long time, till i finally finished this EP, as i started to record it before my Taiwan-Tour and released it after the tour. The two songs "Two Hands On The Cross", a slow acoustic song and "Arenaceous Flowers" a Dreampop/Shoegaze-influenced title, were both released before the official EP release. The other two songs are both very different, compared to each other. As most of the time, i get influenced by B.R.M.C. a lot, this EP is no exception.

Thanks to everyone for supporting my music.

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Two Hands On The Cross:
Arenaceous Flowers:


released July 2, 2014



all rights reserved


Diamond Incarnation Lienz, Austria

"Diamond Incarnation" is a Dreampop/Shoegaze/Alternative Rock-Solo-Project from Austria.

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Track Name: Arenaceous Flowers
Invisible or absent
She has gone
A mixture of soft tears burnt in the sun
Beloved ones are a blessing but your curse
A spell which came expected but reversed

Now i see i can overcome you
It took some time
It took some time
Now i can feel how to love as i breathe
Without a sigh
Without a sigh

Still, you're always on my mind
Still, you're always on my mind

Hold on, for me, i know
Your arenaceous flowers
Come and go into your clouded
State of mind
Tomorrow never belongs
Keep on, to see, i'll show you
Where the arenaceous flowers grow
Let's move our state of mind
Dont look behind
Tomorrow has gone
Track Name: Nobody's Sake
Would drop my heart
If i could move my feet
To step onto
And lose my feel

I cannot take it anymore
My love is too strong
And i always want more

Demand all i got
Step inside a temple
Praise no god
For blessings you will never find
I seek what you ain't got
If you look too good
I'll miss the spot
Don't dare to tell me we were blind

Girl your attraction is good
Your attraction is fine
I fear love has come to break my spine
Breaking all my bones till you are mine

Too much impressions
Too much for me to take
Your love's forever
But for nobody's sake
Too much dimensions
Layers of empty space
I feel i'm moving
Without leaving this place
Track Name: Two Hands On The Cross
Did i teach you not to love?
Or have i been too rough?
A kiss for a softened pain
In the moonlight
Never seemed to be enough

Standing by your lovers grave
With one foot in but safe
Weeping for your loss
Two hands on the cross
Your eyes have never seen a saint

Easy is the path i roam
Without a guide by my side, alone
If the devils servant was waiting for me
She could lead me all the way back home

When did you decide to leave
The desert in your mind for me
You cleaned up the chaos
Kicked out the demons
Never gave a guarantee

What a pleasant game to play
Feelings changing every day
A walk in my shoes
Would be good to choose
If only you had sins to pray for
Track Name: Ocean's Daughter
You spread existence
Be my water
Loudest silence
Ocean's daughter

No more island
There to hold her
Drowned forever
Ocean's daughter

On the surface
Of the water
Stretch your mind
To reach it's daughter

A mix of blue and green enters our life
Black's what i imagined all the time
Still there's something dying deep inside
Revive me with the beauty of your mind

Call me to you
I just want to
Reach your ocean
I just want to
Call me to you
I just want to reach your ocean
Drown because of my devotion
Just to reach you