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Reversed Days EP

by Diamond Incarnation

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You can see "Reversed Days" as the second part of the "Refreshed Resurrection"-EP, as it continues the slightly psyched-out, beatles-influenced sound, taking it one step up the ladder to 60's-music-heaven. The four tracks are held very short, because i didn't want the people to just skip through the songs, therefore i tried to nail your (the listener) attention , right in the first few seconds. The record of the whole EP was done in less than a week, a quite emotional week, without forcing myself to write some songs, they came their way very fluently, without thinking about the process of writing too much.
The lyrics, this time are all about love again, nothing too spacey, nothing too psychedelic. It's plain about love and loss.

Well, these are just four little songs meant to entertain my audience and i hope that i accomplished my goal.

Thanks to everyone for supporting my music.


released July 7, 2013



all rights reserved


Diamond Incarnation Lienz, Austria

"Diamond Incarnation" is a Dreampop/Shoegaze/Alternative Rock-Solo-Project from Austria.

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Track Name: Who's Gonna Judge
If you're looking for some changes
Raise the curtain let me know
If you expand your shooting ranges
Well then, i'm on the run

If you're waiting for the hour
To complete your major plans
You have to choose the sweet or sour
Side of love on demand

Who's gonna judge who's loving more
I don't even know how to
I don't even know
Who's gonna judge who's loving more
You don't even know how to love
How to show

Soon you gonna feel how contagious
Something weird as love can be
And as the opposite of hatred
Love is rarely for free

If you are feeling too attracted
To a soul beyond the screen
You gotta stop to act addicted
Or you'll end up in between
Track Name: Half Way Black
Yesterday i looked inside of me
You would not believe what i did see
All those feelings half way black
Monday morning heart attack
Maybe i should go and check my needs

No i won't wait forever
I think we're gonna sever
It was so fine to meet
You on a paper sheet

Can you overcome the facts release
Do it for your own sake if you please
Pick the car and get some tea
Realize the loss in me
Maybe i feel better by the sea

No i won't wait forever
I think we're gonna sever
It was so fine to meet
You on a paper sheet

I'm just as high as my baby
Really had to cry for my lady
I'm just as high as my baby
Really had to cry for my lady
Track Name: Cinema Show
There's nothing on my way
At least no words to say
And still i'm on my own
Love, where have you gone

Heavens gonna fall
If you unmask them all
So if our love will settle down
Oh girl, my home is still my home

I'm looking for the years
When a smile replaced the tears
If you grow old you will know
Life's a cinema show

Heavens gonna fall
If you just break the walls
So if our love will settle down
Oh girl, your home is still your home
Track Name: Reversed Days
Feel free to take a break
Darling cause i know how life's gone crazy
These days doing no good
All the people say that i'm too lazy

Did you listen to me
When we sat beneath the coloured palm tree
The sun lit up the sea
As i said that you're the only girl for me

All the people seem to disappear
So i will whisper something in your ear

Sugar i'm in love like i never was before
If you're leavin me i can't be anymore
Cause life seemed oh so simple
And life seemed oh so short
With you by my side i keep holding on these thoughts

Listen closley to hear
The ocean wipes away all of your sorrows
Feel brave forget your fears
Cause after today there comes tomorrow