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Scorpio Fifteen EP

by Diamond Incarnation

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Let me present you, "Diamond Incarnation"s seventh EP called "Scorpio Fifteen". A mix of shoegaze, folk/psychedelic-rock and a pinch of indian-influenced acoustic rock.

Starting with the powerful shoegaze-track "Spacespin", the EP opens with a wall of reverb-drenched guitar sounds, guided by a melancholic voice, singing about girls/love/whatever. Second one "Keep On The Show", will be immediately recognized as a heavy "BRMC"-influenced folk-rock song. "Leaking of Our Hourglass" on the other hand, follows the old "obligatory-indian-track"-scheme, giving an oriental touch, with a sitar as main instrument. Last track, "Feast Me Now", also influenced by "BRMC", generates the low and simultaneously the end of the EP.
As always, i hope you enjoy those songs as much as i enjoyed recording them!


Music videos:
Leaking Of Our Hourglass:


released January 9, 2014



all rights reserved


Diamond Incarnation Lienz, Austria

"Diamond Incarnation" is a Dreampop/Shoegaze/Alternative Rock-Solo-Project from Austria.

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Track Name: Spacespin
Hey girl listen to me
I'm not sure whats going on
Did we lose something in it
In our eyes the flowers are gone
Life's over within two minutes
I can't seem to figure out
What there might be within it

All that i can do is to hide your pretty face
Keeping down temptation and the love left in space
Cause my foolish estimations they were never replaced
And your latest observations seem to cover your ways

Hey girl where have you been
What are you waiting for
Our world within a space-bin
Comes up with so much more
Than we could ever imagine
And you could ever adore
Come on wake up i'm here
Waiting on the shore

Well i believe, that love's the deal
I lost to you
For real
Track Name: Keep On The Show
If you're in love
You'll probably know
Your eagerness won't guarantee
To keep on the show
Not all of the girls will smile when they're happy

If you're too deep
Hooked inside her mind
She probably won't show you
That she's already blind
So you keep on giving as she's just out for taking

What is it good for
What is it good for
Love's evolution
And i can't go on
What is it good for
What is it good for
No revolution
Since my love has gone

If i'm on the edge
With my knees on the ground
I'd keep praying to no jesus
Cause i already found
True salvation, let's keep on tracking
Track Name: Leaking Of Our Hourglass
As i stepped into the cold clear river
I saw myself mirorred myself mirrored
Water is the second mold of your life
As i cried out to mother sun
She whispered, we're an illusion, lost in confusion
I understood and smiled just for a while

Even if you're here you're down
When i'm around
Even if the rain breathes life into the ground
Even if the hourglass begins to leak
Even if your smiling face is all i seek

As i followed the shining butterflies
They took me to the mountains up the glaciers
Haven't felt such delight in a while
First i opened the floating window
Just to see myself dying my soul flying
Now is the eternal moment of all time

Weave me a new world
Just to be alive
Recieve the new word
Until we arrive
Track Name: Feast Me Now
It's oh so bittersweet to know
Your ways have changed inside your love
And with the flip of every coin
I'm sinking deeper in the void

With every wish you send away
You push your dreams into delay
And if you turn all what is left
It's my shadow, it's your past

Sweet life, feast me, now
The loss of you, feels good somehow

If i wouldn't know you, would you be a saint
My feelings were illusions, yours fell into faint

Remember every pleasant thorn
You felt the love as it was born
Remember every single blast
We were too close to made it last

Look how we tumble down the road
With bloody knifes upon our throats
And with a promise in our head
Received from life and it's called death

A little smile can raise your hope
While you are cutting through the rope
Which holds your body off the ground
To fade away without a sound